Koryu-ji Temple in Hakodate(高龍寺)

Koryuji Sanmon
This place is written as [高龍寺] in Japanese.
Main building from the gate
Main building from the gate

Koryu-ji Temple(高龍寺) is located in the foot of Mt.Hakodate and near Hakodate fishing port, the north-west side of Mt.Hakodate.

The temple is the oldest existing one in Hakodate.  The main gate is outstanding and its historical value is so important to designate as National cultural properties. Koryuji was located originally in Kameda, north-ward of JR Hakodate station founded by a Buddhist, Banshitsu-Horyu, who was the 4th successive chief priests of Hogen-ji in Matsumae.

After that the temple moved here in 1879 and has survived several vast fires in Hakodate from its foundation. Koryuji only has a typical style of Japanese temple in Hakodate. There are not so many old temples in Hokkaido like Honshu, main-land of Japan. Koryu-ji is one of them and very important temple which shows the history of Hakodate.


  • Take a bus to Koryuji-mae (高龍寺前).


  • 9:00 – 16:00

Admission Fee

  • Free


  • Sanmon, Main gate
  • Main building
  • warehouse — storing several items for ceremony
  • Kaizan-do — worshipping the successive chief priests and 500 Rakans
  • Ihai-do — worshipping mortuary tablets of ancestors.
  • Konpira-do — worship the fishing god for safety of fishing
  • Suibansha — place for purify
  • Shorou, Bell — ring a bell in the morning and the evening
  • Kori — Temple’s office


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