Foreigners’ Cemetery in Hakodate(外人墓地)

This place is written as [外人墓地] in Japanese.

When Matthew Calbraith Perry, a Commodore of the U.S. Navy visited to Japan in 1854, two seamen was buried here. Foreigners’ Cemetery had started its history with these two graves.

There were many foreigners visiting and living in Hakodate for trading and military purpose. Some of them had never return their country, so that Kaitakushi, Colonization Commission made a negotiation about establishment of cemetery for foreigners in 1870.

This site has the very beautiful scenery seeing all over Hakodate port, especially the sunset is very nice and photogenic. There are two nice cafeterias here, Cafeteria Maurier and Teashop Yuhi.

There is no parking around here. Police patrols often visit here to control parking violation. 

Hakodate city motomachi parking is the closest one from here. It takes 20 minutes waking. When you visit to Motomachi area by car, park at these parkings below.


Take a tram to Hakodate Doc Mae and 20 min walk.


  • Hakodate Doc
  • JIso Temple
  • Koryu-ji Temple
  • Shomyoji Temple
  • Former Russian Consulate

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