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‘Fleemy’ provides practical information for travelers who want to visit to Hokkaido and who are already traveling in Hokkaido.

Many of guides are showing famous sightseeing spots, shops and restaurants, however our site might not be showing you such a ever-famous and familiar locations. We are sure the places where are necessarily famous and familiar , but those places should be more valuable and make you happy , so you will know deeply what Hokkaido is in the long run. We hope we can show you the best sightseeing spots which make you happy.

We are living in ‘Heiwa'(平和) area, Nishi-ku, Sapporo. The west of Sapporo, abundant nature is still here. More, we have to tell you that ‘Heiwa’ refers to peace in Japanese. We are very proud of the naming of this area. Anyway, we hope you will have a good staying in Hokkaido.

Your comments are always welcome and they will make this site more practical.
Thanks. Arigatō Gozaimasu.(ありがとうございます。)


Hiroshi Mizukoshi
Chief director of ‘Fleemy’

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