Market in Early Morning: Hakodate Asaichi(函館朝市)

hakodate asaishi market
This place is written as [函館朝市] in Japanese.

Hakodate Asaichi(函館朝市) refers to Market in Early Morning. This is one of the most famous market in Hokkaido. The market was bigger than now in the old days. The main street was the town near Hakodate station more than 30 years ago, but it’s not now. Although the station area is losing popularity, the bay area is going to be popular. Hakodate Asaichi is located between Hakodate station and Bay area, Kanamori storehouses. You can enjoy shopping and looking, more many restaurants there, having a breakfast and a lunch such as sushi, donburi or some live-squids eating those have been fished in the early.morning. This is really nice. After Asaichi, you would go to Kanamori warehouses where there are many shops such as accessaries, interiors, sweets, cafes, souvenirs and so on. Starbucks is located at the front of Kanamori Warehouse, face to the bay. There are always many tourists but you can have a nice time to have some coffee available with Starbucks’ free-Wifi. Don’t forget to register your e-mail before you visit.