Hakodate Orthodox Church(函館ハリストス正教会)

Hakodate Russian Orthodox Church
This place is written as [ハリストス正教会] in Japanese.

Hakodate Orthodox Church is the first one of the Orthodox Church in Japan founded in 1859 by the Russian Consulate. The former church was burned down in 1907 and the existing building, built in 1916, is known as a representation of western-style buildings in Hakodate. It has been designated as important cultural property in 1983. It is familiar for locals to call the church ‘Gan Gan Dera’ because of its sounds of bell. You can hear one in Saturday evening or Sunday morning.



  • Old Public Hall of Hakodate Ward
  • Old British Consulate
  • Motomachi Roman Catholic Church
  • Hakodate Episcopal Church of Japan
  • Hakodate Church (United Church of Christ in Japan)
  • Higashihonganji-Temple Hakodate Branch