Evolving Zoo, Maruyama Zoo in Sapporo

This place is written as [円山動物園] in Japanese.

Maruyama Zoo has been evolving and its facilities are more enhanced and fantastic. Maruyama Zoo has a history of about 65 years. Since then, It has been familiar for not only Sapporo citizens also people in Hokkaido and many other visitors. The number of people who go to Maruyama Zoo was declining year by year some decades ago, but Asahiyama Zoo in Asahikawa, it is the most famous zoo not only in Hokkaido but also in Japan, had a big success to get more people coming as reforming its unique and fantastic presentation of animals. So that the Zoo fans are increasing and many young families and couples are going to the zoo, Maruyama Zoo returns to the main stage again as entertainment and interests for citizens. Sapporo city planed the basic vision of future of the zoo in 2007.  The Hokkaido shika,deer house and wolf house was completed in 2008. Hokkaido bear house in 2010, reptiles and amphibian animal house in 2011 and Asia zone in 2012. New two zone, Africa zone and new monkey mountain are coming in this Autumn, 2015. New Polar bear and seal house is planning for 2017. New elephant house is planning for 2018. Maruyama Zoo is going to be more exciting and fascinating.   [huge_it_slider id=”64″]

Recommended  Winter Tour in Maruyama Zoo

Stating at West gate.

1. Frigid Zone(寒帯館)

Panthera tigris altaica is a tiger living in west Siberia, Russia. The hole body is 4m length and you can look at them right in front of the window. The feeding time is very exciting.

2. High Mountain Zone(高山館)

Lovely red panda/lesser panda are waiting for you. You will see they are playing in snow which they really love.

3. Tropical Plant house(熱帯植物館)

Many Japanese monkeys are gathering and warming each other. This is really lovely.

4. Ezoshika/Hokkaido deer and Eastern timber wolf house

The Leader wolf, Jey and his 3 children are running in the snow yard. They show wild animal nature as feeding time. It is really exciting and interesting.

5. Out-door Stage(野外ステージ前)

You can see free flight of black kite and horn owl. Well trained black kite or horn owl are flying in front of you. You can try to training of them.

6. Tropical Bird house(熱帯鳥類館)

The house was reformed and reopened on February 1 ,2015.

7. Small Zoo for Kids(こども動物園)

There are many animals which you can touch such as sheep, horse, duck, rabbit and so on.

Open Hours

  • Feb. 1 – Oct. 31: 9:00 – 17:00
  • Nov. 1 – Jan. 31: 9:00 – 16:00

Admission Fee

  • Annual pass(Valid for one year from the date of issue): 1000Yen
  • Adults ( High school students and older): 600Yen
  • Children ( Junior high school students and younger): free
  • Group ( 30 or more): 540Yen


  • Large Vehicle: 1,200Yen(lncluding buses and large-size special cars)
  • Medium Vehicle: 1,000Yen(Microbuses)
  • Standard Car: 700Yen(lncluding compact cars and small-size special vehicles)
  • Two-wheeled Vehicle: 100Yen(Motorcycles)



  • Take a Tozai Line to Maruyama Kouen(円山公園).
  • EXIT from No.2.
  • Take a bus(円15 動物園線) to Maruyama Zoo(動物園前) or a bus(円14 荒井山線) to Sogo-Ground-Mae(総合グランド前).


  • To walk, EXIT from No.3 for Maruyama Park(円山公園), Maruyama Zoo(円山動物園), Hokkaido Jingu(北海道神宮)
  • 15min walking through the Maruyama Park.


  • Take a Taxi if there are more than 3 people, just 3 min.