Maruyama Hachijyu Hakkasho: Urban Virgin Forest in Sapporo

This place is written as [円山八十八カ所] in Japanese.

The entrance to Mt.Maruyama
The entrance to Mt.Maruyama
Ojiso san
Ojiso san
The way to the zoo
This way, just right side of the entrance, links to the Maruyama Zoo. It takes less then 10 minutes.

Maruyama Hachijyu-Hakkasho(円山八十八カ所) is a pilgrimage round like the celebrated 88 Buddhist temples in Shikoku. There are many Jizo(bodhisattvas) on the way to the top of Mt.Maruyama instead of temples. This area, around Mt.Maruyama is designated as a natural monument. The forest of Maruyama is a virgin forest. It takes about 1 hour to the mountaintop. From there, you will see a nice view of Sapporo downtown. You can enjoy every four seasons in Maruyama Hachijyu Hakkasho. Even if in the winter, there are many people hiking. There are some hiking course, so you can go to Mt.Moiwayama taking a separate way at the top. Most of slopes are not so tight that a little child and senior person can mount. However, you should prepare enough such as shoes, wears, water and some foods. Not to the mountaintop, you can enjoy to walk around Maruyama Hachiju Hakkasho. These area is a virgin forest so that wild nature is still there in such a urban area, Sapporo. More, if you are with little children, you may go to the zoo by walking. It takes just 10 minutes from here.

The Maruyama Zoo has been renovating for these years, some new facilities has opened for public. Many young couples and families go to the zoo that is going to be a more bustling site.



  • Take a Tozai Line(東西線) to Maruyama Kouen(円山公園) .
  • exit No3 for Maruyama Park(円山公園), Maruyama Zoo(円山動物園), Hokkaido Jingu(北海道神宮)
  • 10min walking.



Maruyama hachijyu-hakkasho
Maruyama hachijyu-hakkasho