The sunrise on New Year’s Day(1st January) Information

Teine Ski Area, Sapporo

Otaru Tenguyama(小樽天狗山) Ropeway and Ski Area, Otaru

The view from Tenguyama got Michelin’s one star. This is a nice and beautiful view spot. There is Tenguyama Shrine for New Year’s worship called ‘Hatsumoude’. Also Mochitsuki(餅つき), making rise cake events will be held at the mountain shop.

  • 6:30: Ropeway opens
  • 7:06: Sunrise

Shukutsu Coast(祝津海岸), Otaru

  • Open all day
  • 7:10: Sunrise
  • 10 cars parking for free.

JR Tower T38, Sapporo

Mt.Moiwa Ropeway(藻岩山ロープウェイ), Sapporo

Goryokaku Tower(五稜郭タワー), Hakodate

Mt.Kurodake(黒岳), Kamikawa

1500m view from the middle of Mt.Kurodake. Mochimaki(餅まき), rice cake present event are held.

  • 6:20: Lift open
  • 7:00: Sunrise

Chikyumisaki Cape(地球岬), Muroran

  • 6:00: Open, a temporary shop is opened.
  • free parking
  • 7:05: Sunrise

Soyamisaki Cape(宗谷岬), Wakkanai

  • 5:30: Open, there will be some souvenir for visitors.
  • free parking
  • 7:12: Sunrise

Nosappumisaki(納沙布岬), Nemuro

  • 5:00: Open. Tea and coffee for free.
  • free parking
  • 6:49: Sunrise

Erimomisaki Cape(襟裳岬), Erimo

  • 5:00: Open. Hot drink for free.
  • free parking
  • 6:53: Sunrise

Bihoro Pass(美幌峠), Bihoro

  • 6:00: Open a shop and a resthouse.
  • free parking
  • 6:50: Sunrise

Notoromisaki Cape(能取岬), Abashiri

This is a nice and beautiful scenery for Sunrise and Sunset. Go to the end of road to the Cape near Notori Farm.

  • Open all day
  • free parking
  • 6:56: Sunrise

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