Horses Running for lack of exercise in winter, Otofuke

horse exercise in Otofuke
This place is written as [音更町 家畜改良センター十勝牧場 馬追い] in Japanese.

Have you ever seen a troop of horses that are running on the snowy runway? This is a very exciting and fantastic scene that you’ve got a unique experience only here, the Improvement of livestock Center, Tokachi stock farm.


Exercise for pregnant horses

Horse exercise starts this season from 16th January to 24th February 2023.

It is very important for horses to run for winter’s lack of exercise which starts 9:30 in the mourning. Three troops which grouped about 30 horses are going to run on the 800 meters runway at 15-20 minutes intervals.

They used to live in their own farm in summer but in winter, there is no adequate space for running at each farms so that this is the place they get exercise and maintain their health, especially for pregnant horses. In this season, about 60 horses are pregnant according to the web site of Tokachi stock farm.

Many photographers and tourists are coming in the early cold morning. Otofuke town places in one of the coldest area like Obihiro city or Toyokoro town.

If you have a time after seeing Jewelry Ices at Otsu shore in Toyokoro town, it would be nice to go seeing horses. It takes within 90 minutes from Jewelry Ice by car.

Jewelry Ices are just natural products so that it is no guarantee to be seen, this is, so to speak, B plan.

However, there is a case that aborts a exercise in terms of some conditions on that day.

Don’t forget to bring more “Kairo” keeping you warm. You can get one at a convenience store.


Please drive carefully!

When you drive in Hokkaido and you are a beginner for winter driving. Read these articles below that explain some check points you should know.

So many car accidents have occured every day. I hope you get back home safely with happy memories.

Information for visitors

You are requested..

  • Drive through the sterilizer before parking.
  • Don’t go prohibited zone and DO NOT touch any horses.
  • Avoid a sudden loud sound and move suddenly. Don’t make horses a sudden surprise.
  • There is no toilet in the viewing area except the office.
  • No buses for parking.
  • It is available to get a bus at “Tokachi Bokujo(十勝牧場)” where you take 10minutes walk from here.