Sapporo City Jazz

Sapporo City Jazz 2014
Sapporo City Jazz 2014

Sapporo City Jazz is the biggest jazz festival in Japan. It began in 2007 with the slogan ‘Sapporo going to be a city of Jazz’. Many jazzmen all over the world participate in the festival for two months. Odori Park venu has more than 500 seats in the huge tent, called Sapporo Music Tent. Sapporo City Jazz concerts are held every day from July to August. There are also some free concerts held in public space or hotels. Outdoor Jazz session in Sapporo Art Park is free-style looking. Many famous jazzmen are supposed to be there. Sapporo City Jazz, It’s fun and worth visiting. Many of the tickets are already sold out according to the timetable. Walking by the tent, Hot sounds penetrate your body. You can’t stop halting. If there is a ticket fortunately, why don’t you get it?



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