Sapporo Concert Hall Kitara: The Best Modern Concert Hall In The World

This place is written as [札幌コンサートホール キタラ] in Japanese.
a main hall pipe organ in Kitara
a main hall pipe organ in Kitara

Kitara(札幌コンサートホール キタラ) is home to the Sapporo Symphony Orchestra, and its regular concert is held in the hall on a regular basis. There are a large main hall, small chamber music hall, and rehearsal rooms, also a restaurant, a nursery room, and a museum shop available in the building. KItara is one of the venues of the Pacific Music Festival (PMF), started by Leonard Bernstein in 1990. Kitara has a huge organ made by Alfred Kern & Fils Manufacture D’Orgues in the main hall. When Sir Simon Denis Rattle, an English conductor, visited here with the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra in 1998, he said, “This is the best modern concert hall in the world”. As he described, the stage of Kitara is surrounded by the audience, you can hear the best sound wherever you take a seat. Kitara’s sound is very clear, rich and three-dimensional. Not only Rattle also all of the musician over the world say the same, Kitara is one of the best concert hall in the world. When you come to Sapporo, go to Kitara. This is really worth visiting and enjoy music.


  • Take the Nanboku Line to Nakajima Koen(中島公園)and 7 min walk from exit No3.
  • Take the Nanboku Line to Horohirabashi(幌平橋)and 7 min walk from exit No1.
  • Nakajima Koen(中島公園)and 4 min walk.
  • Chuo-bus, JR-bus : The entrance of Nakajima Koen(中島公園入り口)
  • Chuo-bus : Horohirabashi(幌平橋)
  • JR-bus : Horohirabashi Mae(幌平橋前)
  • JR-bus : Nakajina Koen Mae(中島公園前)


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1-15 Nakajimakoen, Chuo-ku, Sapporo 064-8649 Japan

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