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Sapporo Station Area has been undergoing substantial re-development form the new century. The area is used to be so old-fashioned town that young people did rarely go shopping. In the year of 2003, The new station building appeared with four new shopping mall and a department store. Then not only young people came back but also every generation go shopping. The other old buildings have been demolished one after another. New condominiums are built in idling lands. Sapporo Station Area has been changing out of recognition. There are four shopping malls and a department store at the Sapporo Station. Apia, Stellar Place, Paseo, Esta and Daimaru, which has more flourished than Odori shopping area since its re-development. Young and casual fashion’s stores are lined side by side. For visiting neighborhood such as Hokkaido University, it is close to walk within 5 minutes. You can enjoy to walk in the campus that is the largest one in Japan. There is the museum that exhibits the histories about Hokkaido, science, dinosaur and so on, it’s  worth visiting.


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There are many restaurants and fast foods in the right side of the underground-path from the JR Station to the Subway Station. Fashion stores are in the other side.

  • sweets, fast foods, ramen, udon, soba, sushi, izakaya, tempura, cafe&bakery, pasta, chinese cuisine, curry,
  • drug store, cosmetics, finger-pressure therapy, contact-lense
  • information, JR ticket center, ATMs
  • souvenir, shoe-repairs, convenience store, interior, general, books, gifts
  • ladies-fashion, mobile-phone, character-goods, accessory,  jewelry&watch, hair&nail, lingerie
  • mens-fashion, bags&shoes, glasses,

Stellar Place

The nine stories building is located between Apia and Paseo, next to the JR Sapporo Station. This is new building linking to the JR Sapporo Station opened from 2003 when the Area was redeveloped. This is the main building of the Station.

  • B1F: bakery&cafe, cosmetics, ladies, nail, interior&general, bags, shoes, accessaries, jewel, glasses, lingerie, mens, kids, ATMs, 7eleven, finger-pressure therapy
  • 1F: ladies&mens, cosmetics, lewel, cafe, flower, kid&baby, bakery&cafe, wine
  • 2F: jewel, ladies, mens, general, shoes, bags, interior, cafe
  • 3F: interior, ladies, mens, jewel, mens, cafe, bags&shoes, pancake, cosmetics, under ware, hair-cut, finger-pressure therapy, general, glasses, gift, stationary, japanese general, information
  • 4F: foods, kitchen goods, ladies, mens, bags, jewel, instrumental&studios, CD&DVD
  • 5F: character goods, ladies, mens, cosmetics, stationary, socks&stockings, hat&cap, watch, glasses, accessary, books, cafe
  • 6F: kaiten-sushi, soba/udon, hamburg, tonkatsu, curry, cafe, italian, french, tempura, omelet, korean, ramen, biking, sea-foods, chinese, yakiniku, interior,general, eye-clinic, hair saloon, photo-studio/rental-clothes for wedding
  • 7-8F: cinema theatres
  • 9F: Mikuni Sapporo, one of the most famous French restaurants in Japan.


Just underground of the JR Sapporo Station, next to Stellar Place.

  • B1F West: ATMs, fortune‐telling, spagetti, juice, spanish, tonkatsu, dinning&cafe, udon, soba, sushi, beer, thai, cafe, ramen, sea foods, mexican, okayu
  • B1F Center: nail, cooking school studio, foods, information, ladies, kimono, mens, general, cafe, ice-cream, jewel, japanese general, watch, shoes, bag, glasses, contact-lense, bridal, character goods, cosmetics
  • B1F East: ladies, cafe, general, accessary, bags, lingerie, bathing suit, CD&DVD, tickets
  • 1F West : hair saloon, sea foods, hamberg, chinese, irish-pub, cafe, sweets, books, okonomiyaki, cosmetics&drugs, donuts
  • 1F East: flower, socks, ladies, cosmetics, ATMs, eyelashes, aroma, glasses, izakaya, general, bags, hat&cap, perfumes, lingerie, mens, kids, hair, shoe-repair, reform-taylor, chinese, mobile-phone, postal office


The 11th stores building next to Stellar Place. This building is one of the oldest one at this area, but it is vibrant. Here is the famous Sapporo Ramen Kyowakoku, ramens’ town on the 10th floor. Big food stores are located at B1F called Depa-chika. You can try to eat a sample piece which you like. Also Pokemon Center Sapporo is on 9F. That’s fun for Pokemon Otaku.

  • B2F: Can Do, 100-yen shop
  • B1F: various kind of foods. This is worth visit if you are starving.(×_×)
  • 1-4F: Big Camera, discount store for electric appliances.
  • 5-8F: Uniqlo(5F), fashion&general
  • 9F: Namco Wander Park, pets&pet goods
  • 10F: Sapporo Ramen Kyowakoku, ramen restaurantes
  • 11F: rental gallery, garden

JR Tower, T38

This is one of the main building at the Sapporo Station, the tallest building in Sapporo Station Area. The most of part of this building are business offices. Also medical office, JR Tower hotel Nikko Sapporo and T38 are here. T38 is the viewing floor where you can see the Hidaka mountains if the weather is fine. [button-green url=”” target=”_blank” position=”center”]see home page[/button-green]

Daimaru Sapporo

Daimaru Sapporo is one of the department group originated in Kansai. Their items have high-quality and high reliability. Its underground floor for foods, called Depa-chika, provide various kinds of foods. You can try to eat a sample piece which you like.

  • B1F: Foods
  • 1F: high‐class boutiques, ladies, cosmetics
  • 2F: ladies, bags, mens
  • 3F: ladies for young, cafe&tea
  • 4F: ladies, small size, lingerie, baby, kids
  • 5F: ladies, big size, jewel&watch
  • 6F: mens, mens’ goods, golf ware
  • 7F: interior, kimono, ATMs
  • 8F: Pokemon Center Sapporo, restaurantes, books, cafe, art gallery, glasses, stationary

Tokyu Department Store

Just in the front of Esta. This department store is one of the oldest in the Station Area. The building is the same old as Esta. Senior people are very familiar to Tokyu department store. As like Daimaru, Tokyu provide items which is high-quality and high reliability. Tokyu’s Depa-chika is also vibrant as Esta’s one.

  • B3-B2F: parking
  • B1F: foods, coin locker, baby car
  • 1F: cosmetics, information, ladies goods
  • 2F: ladies,
  • 3F: ladies, cafe
  • 4F: ladies, pret-a-porter
  • 5F: big size for ladies, jewel,&watch, kimono, art gallery, cafe
  • 6F: house ware, interior, tea room
  • 7F: mans, mens goods, sports ware, photo
  • 8F: baby, kids, toys, baby restaurants
  • 9F events, customer center, gift, tax, lost&found
  • 10F: restaurants, hair saloon, adults school for arts
  • 11F: game, garden for kids

Yodobashi Camera

Next to the west side of the Sapporo Station across the road. Yodobashi is one of the best assortment of goods for electric appliances in Sapporo. Prices of every items are basically the same as Tokyo’s.

Books Kinokuniya

One of the big books’ store in Sapporo. Next to the west side of Daimaru Sapporo across the road. Starbucks is on the 2nd floor in Books Kinokuniya. Manga as Japanese sub-culture is available, worth visit for Manga Otaku.

Hokkaido University

5min to walk. Clark Cafeterior, Museum, Botanical Garden

Aka-renga, Red Brick, The former prefectural office of Hokkaido

5min to walk. The representative building of Hokkaido, which is the former prefectural office. Now, it is the museum for the history of Hokkaido. There is a beautiful garden with two ponds.

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