Flood in Sapporo 2014, it was 33 years since the last one

Sep, 12 2014

Flood in Sapporo 2014 is over. Every thing is under normal condition. The flood in Sapporo was 33 years since the last one in 1981. Indeed, Sapporo is the weakness for flooding due to its location according to the report of the local government. Toyohira river is streaming through the center of Sapporo. This river is one of the most torrent river in Japan. According to the study of Sapporo local government, if it would rain over 310mm per day, Toyohira river will be flooded within 39 hours around the left side of Horohira Bridge. 30 min later, the flooding would reach to Susukino Area and the under-pass road of the Sosei river would be under water completely. Another 10 min later, the flooding would reach to the subway entrance of Susukino Station. Then the station woulb be under the water and many casualties were there. Another 20 min later, the flooding would reach to Odori park and another 20 min later, it would reach to Sapporo station. The subway and under-walking street would be under the water. There must be many casualties there. Another 9 hours, it would reach to Barato Area, the northward of Sapporo, near Ishikari. This is a simulation in case of flooding by Sapporo City government. The heavy and terrible rain fall such as this time would be merely happened indeed. But, we have to prepare for its coming anytime and anywhere because of global warning.

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