66th Sapporo Snow Festival 2015

2015 Sapporo Snow Festival will be held from Feb, 5 to 11 in three venue, Odori, Tsudome and Susukino. Official Committee is recruiting several kinds of volunteer staff such as making a big snow statue. Foreign people is able to take part in the program with ability of speaking Japanese and living in Japan. That’s fun!


Feb, 5 – Feb, 11 2015

Odori Venue (1 Chome – 12 Chome)

Open all day long, but light-up until 22:00 This is the main venue of Sapporo Snow Festival. There are so many snow statues from Odori 1 Chome to Odori 12 Chome. Small snow sculptures by locals, Big snow statue and International Sculpture Competition will be made here. Although the festival starts 5 February, most of all statues and sculptures will be almost finished about 4-5 days in advance because of commercial photographs or other preparation of venues. So you can enjoy watching the hottest brand-new snow statues and sculptures from the both side pathway of Odori Park. But Remember that you can’t go inside the area of them. There are many many people there before opening date because hotel rates are cheeper and experienced the best condition of snow statues. Light-up may be started a week in advance. It is the time to come if you want to see how to make snow statues, which is really nice and interesting, worth visiting.

Odori 1 chome – Odori 12 chome

Tsudome Venu

Open: 9:00 – 17:00 This is the play-land and adventure venue of Snow Festival, where there are many snow slopes with tube riders. Families with small children are so fun. No parking in the venue. You have to take a subway, Toho line to Sakaemachi and walk 12 minutes or Shuttle Buses are available from Sakaemachi, Odori and Sapporo station.

Susukino Venue: Susukino Ice World 2015

There are many ice sculptures by artists and professionals of ice curving. From small to big ones, and competitions are there with mystic and magical light-ups. There are hot drink bars and photo-spots in the venue.


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