Supermarket (スーパーマーケット)


Most of Supermarkets open from 10:00 to 22:00 all the year. If you want to know about the town you stay, going to a supermarket is nice to know what it is like. The big supermarket has many items for all categories. Even if you can’t have enough money to eat Kegani(crumb) at Susukino, you can buy one cheeper at the supermarket. Dollar for dollar, you get more value at the supermarket than at the Kegani restaurant. The big famous supermarket, AEON(イオン), Max Value(マックスバリュー), COOP(コープ生活協同組合), LUCY(ラッキー), Tokou Store(東光ストア), ARCS(アークス), Daiei(ダイエー) stock high-quality items in every category. It is a smart idea to get Kegani(毛ガニ) from such supermarkets. Their buyers make efforts to line up good items so that you can get nice one easier and cheeper. Season of Kegani is from April to July in Okhotsk Sea. Fresh and sweet. If you want to eat really nice Kegani, you should take Okhotsk products the best. By the way, in winter, fishing of Kegani is off-season in Okhotsk Sea so that you are supposed to eat a frozen kegani instead of fresh one. But it is still delicious as well. They also have more interesting goods for you, for instance, sandwiches, bento or obento(japanese lunch box), sushi and so on. Take them out to the park close. That’s fun.

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