Tourist Spots around Akan, Kussharo and Mashu in Eastern Hokkaido Part1

On this page, we provide information on tourist spots, accommodations, and other essential information for travelers around Lake Akan, Lake Kussharo, and Lake Mashu, using Google Maps.

Fleemy staff have personally visited and selected places they can recommend to you.

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Recommended Tourist Spots

Places to Enjoy Scenery and Hiking

  • Bihoro Pass for viewing great views and sea clouds
  • Tsubetsu Pass for renowned viewing sea clouds spot
  • Highland Koshimizu 725
  • Lake Mashu Observatory
  • Kamui Kotan (God’s Child Pond)
  • Mount Io
  • Soukodai Observatory
  • Sougakudai Observatory
  • Lake Onneto
  • Lake Akan
  • Higashimokoto Shibazakura Park
  • Mt.Mokotoyama for hiking

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A Great Sea of Cloud from the top of Tsubetsu pass

Places to Enjoy Canoeing and Kayaking

  • Lake Kussharo (starting point: Kushiro River)
  • Lake Kussharo (Wakoto Peninsula)
  • Lake Chimikeppu

Kayaking down the Kushiro River from Lake Kussharoko

Kayaking on the Lake Chimikeppu, perfect calm and wildness

Hotels and Restaurants

  • Kussharo Prince Hotel
  • KKR Kawayu
  • La Vista Akangawa
  • cafe&bal COVO
  • Teshikaga Ramen

Museums and Information Centers

  • Taiho Sumo Memorial Museum
  • Kawayu Visitor Center
  • Michi no Eki Mashu
  • Lake Akan Eco-Museum Center

Shops and Drugstores

  • Fukuhara Mashu Store
  • Lawson Mashu Store
  • Satsudora Teshikaga Store
  • Tsuruha Drug Teshikaga Store
  • DCM Nikotto

Public Transport and Police

  • JR Mashu Station
  • Mashu Hire (taxi service)
  • Teshikaga Police Station
  • JA Hokkaido Welfare Federation Masyu Welfare Hospital