A Great Sea of Cloud from the top of Tsubetsu pass.

Cloud sea at Tsubetsu pass
This place is written as [津別峠からの雲海] in Japanese.

It’s a lucky week, the end of August. I had a great experience to see a beautiful cloud sea from Tsubetsu pass. This is the famous spot for seeing cloud sea around Lake Kussharo, which is the largest crater lake in Japan. 

I got there 29th Aug 2020. Getting up at 3:30am and driving through the foggy road, I ran into many animals such as deer, rabbits, foxes and a single mother cat and two kittens.

I recommend to go there before dawn because you miss the beautiful sunrise and colored cloud you’ve never seen. Though Tomamu resort is famous for its cloud sea, you could see that less than 50% in the best season. But here, in August 2020, more than 75% or more, you can see the great cloud sea. If you miss it, you will sea the Lake Kussharo with sunrise.

tsubetsu pass

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