How to fun Lake Akan in Winter?

There are many enjoyable activities at Lake Akan in winter. Here, Akan is one of the coldest regions in Hokkaido.

If you come to Akan in winter, you’ll be missing out if you don’t enjoy the winter cold!

There are many worthwhile places to visit in Hokkaido in winter, and Akan is one of them.

1. Ice Fishing

One of the winter specialties at Lake Akan is ice fishing. When the lake freezes over, you can drill a hole in the ice and fish for wakasagi (smelt). It’s an activity that both beginners and experienced anglers can enjoy, with equipment rentals and guide services readily available.

2. Lake Akan Ice Festival

The annual Lake Akan Ice Festival, held every winter, attracts many tourists and locals. Various events such as ice sculptures, fireworks displays, and snowmobile test rides take place during the festival.

3. Lake Akan Onsen (Hot Springs)

Warming up in the hot springs at Lake Akan is a fantastic experience on a cold winter day. You can enjoy views of the frozen lake and snow-covered landscapes from outdoor baths, providing a relaxing and rejuvenating experience.

4. Wakasagi Tempura

The freshly caught wakasagi can be fried into tempura right on the spot. The taste of fresh wakasagi is exceptional, allowing you to enjoy both the fishing and the culinary delight.

5. Snowshoe Hiking

Snowshoe hiking is also popular for those who want to fully enjoy the surrounding nature. Guided tours are available, making it easy and safe for beginners to participate. You can appreciate the beautiful winter scenery while getting some exercise.


6. Crystal Ball Experience

A unique experience at Lake Akan is creating crystal balls using the specific cold conditions of the area. Frozen bubbles trapped inside the ball form beautiful ice sculptures.

7. Eco Tours

In the winter, eco tours are also available around Lake Akan, where you can learn about the natural environment. Bird-watching tours, especially for observing Japanese cranes (tancho), are particularly popular.

Lake On ne to near Akan

8. Snowmobiling

Snowmobiling across the lake and through the surrounding forests offers an exhilarating experience. Guided tours ensure that you can enjoy the thrill safely.

Winter at Lake Akan offers a variety of activities and events, allowing you to enjoy the natural beauty to the fullest. Through these experiences, you can fully appreciate the charm of Lake Akan in winter.