Kayaking on the Lake Chimikeppu, perfect calm and untouched wildness

This place is written as [チミケップ湖] in Japanese.

I have been here, the lake Chimikeppu, 3 times before this day. I used to say ‘I would bring a canoe’ every time. But I didn’t have any canoe or kayak.

Today, I have one. We brought two kayaks for the lake Chimikeppu. It was a wonderful day. The lake was completely calm and not so much people here.

The name of ‘Chimikeppu’ derives from Ainu, ‘cimi-ke-p’ which means ‘the place mountain streams shaved down and made landslip’. It is said that crustal movements dammed up valleys which made this lake 10,000years ago. 

Kokanee salmon called ‘Hime-masu’, chub and Aegagropila linnaei called ‘Marimo’ inhabit in the lake. It is 20m depth at the most and 7.5km around, the beautiful small lake and completely calm.

Camping is available and free charge, of course water supply and toilet are equipped.

There are some trekking courses for viewing the lake, watching birds and wild animals. You’ll run into deer and squirrels called ‘Ezo-risu’.

After kayak, we went to the short trekking course where a buck deer watched us. 

Oops, we are not your enemy just walking in the woods.

Bears also inhabit here. You rarely encounter them but you have to let know your existence with ringing bell or speaking aloud. Population of bears are increasing everywhere, every year in Hokkaido.

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