Motomachi Park in Hakodate(元町公園)

This place is written as [元町公園] in Japanese.

Motomachi Park(元町公園) is located in the foot of Mt.Hakodate, the top of Motoizaka Slope. This is the place where the building named Hakodate was here before Muromachi era(1336–1573). It’s a long long time ago. ‘Hako’ means Box and ‘Date’ means Building. After that, Hakodate Hachiman Shrine was settled here and also placed a guarding station by Matsumae Clan. In the late Edo period, Hakodate magistrate’s office was here and after that, the former Hokkaido government office Hakodate branch was here. This place has been always roling as the central of Politics in Hokkaido. There is the former Public Hall of Hakodate Ward behind the park and the former British Consulate just in front. Many other famous and historical building and place are around this park. If you get tired due to hard walking, get some rest in Motomachi park. this is a nice and beautiful view of Hakodate Bay Area.


Take a tram to Suehirocho and walk 5 minutes. 

Other historical buildings