Hokkaido Railway Technical Museum (北海道鉄道技術館)

Hokkaido Railway Technical Museum
This place is written as [北海道鉄道技術館] in Japanese.

Hokkaido Railway Technical Museum(北海道鉄道技術館) is located in Naebo, the east-ward of Sapporo City, where is the Base of Hokkaido Railway.  The museum displays the history of Hokkaido railway with many documents, photographs and real trains.

It is so close to Sapporo Beer Museum/Sapporo Beer Garden and Ario Sapporo, this is good idea for Rail-road fan to take some hours for looking. This is worth visiting but no English or other language description except Japanese. You would better to come with a guide-interpreter.

But you can understand without linguistic description.

This is one of the holy place for Railway fun which is called “Tesudo Otaku(鉄道オタク)”. That means railways geek.

If you are not “Tetsudo Otaku”, it doesn’t let you down. The elaborate models of several trains make you inpressed deeply.


  • Steam Locomotives D51 237, C62 3 — These are really worth looking.
  • 1/5Models of trains
  • several photographs of Hokkaido railway history
  • diorama of railway
  • several kinds of parts for trains
  • etc…


  • JR Hokkaido Naebo Factory, N5 E13, Higashiku Sapporo
  • Take a JR train to Naebo and 20 min walk.
  • 6 min walk from Sapporo Beer Museum/Sapporo Beer Garden/Apio Sapporo


  • The 2nd and 4th Saturday every month.
  • From May to August, the 1st, 2nd, 4th Saturday opened.

Admission Fee

  • Free


  • Sapporo Beer Museum/Sapporo Beer Garden
  • Ario Sapporo
  • MEGMILK Snow Brand Museum(雪印メグミルク 酪農と乳の歴史館)

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