Sapporo Beer Brewery Factory Tour

Sapporo Beer Brewery
Factory tour
Factory tour

Sapporo Beer Brewery’s factory is located in Eniwa city. The former factory was located in Sapporo, now it’s Sapporo Factory or Sapporo Beer Garden and Museum. This is the factory of Sapporo Beer Brewery. Factory tour is available for visitors. You need your reservation in advance. Japanese language tour is only, but you can have some English tour guide. After 30 minutes tour, you can try to taste up to 2 glasses of beer in 20 minutes time limit. It’s free. Drivers and under 20 years old person are prohibited to taste beer, so that they serve other soft drinks instead of beer. From a little children to a senior, this is a place worth visiting. Tour is available from 2 persons, but even if you are one, ask a staff. Also if you go there with no reservation, ask staffs and they may not reject your visit if the tour is not full. Factory tour is started from 10:00 and held once per hour. In factory tour, you can see how Sapporo beer is made as looking inside the factory and its operation. The factory is off on weekend and holiday, so you will see some videos of factory operating.


10 minutes walk from Sapporo Beer Teien station(サッポロビール庭園駅)

  • From Sapporo: Transfer local train at Eniwa, if you take a Rapid Airport train. Remember Rapid Train don’t stop at Sapporo Beer Teien station.
  • From Chitose: Transfer local train at Chitose, if you take a Rapid Airport train. Remember Rapid Train don’t stop at Sapporo Beer Teien station.


  • 10:00 – 17:00
  • Closed Monday , if Monday is Holiday, it’s opened and next Tuesday is closed. Also New year’s holiday and special designated days are closed.

Need your reservation for tour in advance

  • TEL:011-748-1876
  • Tour is available from 2 person. Ask information about reservation even if you are alone.
  • If you have no reservation, you may take part in a tour. Ask information. Maybe, they don’t reject your visit for tour.

Other Facilities

  • Park golf — easy golf from a little children to a senior
  • Restaurant Valhara — Jingisukan and Beer
  • Cross country ski — enjoy skiing and snow
  • Biotope Garden


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