MEGMILK Snow Brand Museum in Sapporo(雪印メグミルク 酪農と乳の歴史館)

Megmilk Snow Brand Museum
This place is written as [雪印メグミルク 酪農と乳の歴史館] in Japanese.
Factory building
Factory building

MEGMILK Snow Brand Museum(雪印メグミルク 酪農と乳の歴史館) is a museum for dairy products in Japan. Snow Brand is the oldest brand of dairy product company. You can understand the history of Japanese dairy products. Near Naebo station, just next to Sapporo station, and close to Ario Sapporo and Sapporo Beer Garden / Museum. It takes less than 5 min by car. This is worth visiting.


When you come to the factory, you will see the beautiful garden inside, which is small but beautiful red or yellow leaves in autumn.

visitor room
visitor room

After your reception, you are supposed to wait in the visitor room, there are some presentations about dairy products of Megumilk Snow Brand and sightseeing information of Hokkaido.

a butter drum
a butter drum

The tour starts from the 2nd floor. You will see the old butter drum on the floor and 72 cow-bells hanging from the ceiling, which are collected from all over the world. You can ring bells by your hand.

the world cow bell collection
the world cow bell collection

The bells ls hanging alongside 3rd floor. No photo while the tour, there are many display items about dairy products and its history. Megumilk Snow Brand is the oldest company for dairy products, so that the museum has many items of dairy and documents which are very important for Japanese dairy history.

Katsugen Jinjya/Shrine
Katsugen Jinjya/Shrine

This is Katsugen JInjya(Shrine). Katsugen is the oldest fortified drink in Japan. Before Warld War II, Japanese government ordered Snow Brand to make some fortified drink for soldiers in China. Katsugen was made for that reason. ‘Katsu’ means actively and ‘Gen’ means source of power. Now, Katsugen refers to something different. ‘Katsu’ means victory and ‘Gen’ means a source of power. Then many Jukensei, a student preparing for an examination to enter the university, pray his or her success before his entrance examination. This is an authentic shrine by Naebo Jinjya near the museum. You can have a Omamori of Katsugen JInjya for 500 yen.

Admission Fee

  • Free
Need your reservation in advance until the day before you visit. The tour starts at 9:00 in the morning and once per hour.
Tel: 011-704-2329
No English tour but a small English guide pamphlet is available.


  • About 15 minutes walk from Naebo station and less than 5 minutes by taxi.
  • About 20 minutes walk from Ario Sapporo and 8 minutes by taxi.


  • 9:00 – 11:00
  • 13:00 – 15:30


Saturday, Sunday, Holiday and New Year’s day


  • Ario Sapporo
  • Sapporo Beer Garden
  • Sapporo Beer Museum

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  1. Hello,

    I would like to make a reservation for two adults on 26th June at 3pm, please.

    Can you please advice me how I can make the above reservation?

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    1. Sorry for late reply.
      You need to make a reservation before the day you visit.

      Call 011-704-2329

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