Hoheikyo Dam: Autumn leaves, Jozankei in Sapporo

Houheikyo in Autumn
This place is written as [豊平峡ダム] in Japanese.

Hoheikyo Dam is located in Jozankei, Minami-ku, Sapporo and one of the most famous sightseeing place in Sapporo. It was built at the upper stream of the Toyohira river. The water is for domestic use in Sapporo.  With 102.5 meters height and 300 meters width, Houheikyo Dam is an arch type concrete dam of the ‘concrete dome arch dam’ type. As this type of dam, there are only two dam in Hokkaido except Oku-Shimukappu Dam(the Shimukappu river). The Dam is called ‘Jouzan-ko'(Lake Jozan). This is a famous sight for autumn leaves in Shikotsu-Tōya National Park.

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Autumn Leaves in Hoheikyo Dam 2019


Houheikyo in Autumn
Houheikyo in Autumn

The Toyohira river flows through the city of Sapporo. The river is so wandering that it often flooded after the heavy rain at the Meiji era. The Hokkaido Development Commission decided to repaire the Toyohira river to a straight line. After World War II, the population of Sapporo increased quickly, so that it became under a shortage of water and power supply. More, there were still some floods as usual after the heavy rain or the water of melted snow in the beginning of spring. The Hokkaido Development Bureau made a plan to build a dam to prevent danger of flood and to supply more electric power. As a result, The Houkeikyo dam had been built here from 1965 to 1972. It was the year of Sapporo Winter Olympic Game. At that time, the population of Sapporo was one million(now, 1.92million) and the Hokeikyo dam has been a important origin of supply for water and power.

Lake Sapporo / Jozankei Dam
Lake Sapporo / Jozankei Dam

After that, the population of Sapporo went to increase, so that another dam was built at the opposite side over the town of Jozankei, which is called the Jozankei dam. These two dams support the life of Sapporo.


Hot Spa and Autumn leaves

The Houheikyo Dam was selected one of the 100 beautiful dams of Japan in 2005. This is a famous sight for autumn leaves. There are many hot spas in Jozankei. This site is a very famous hot spa area in Japan. see this article ‘Houkeikyo in Autumn, surrounded by Red, Yellow and Deep Green’

Access to Houheikyo Dam Parking

Car or Bus

Until Oct, 26 2014, a shuttle bus is available to go to Houheikyo Dam parking at Jozankei Tourist Association.

  • Fare adult:¥300(round trip)
  • The first bus starts 9:30 and there are 5 shuttle buses a day. 45 persons.
  • Tel: 011-598-2012

Access to the Dam

NO car. Only Hybrid Electric Bus can go to the dam. You can get to the Dam about 30 minutes by waking. It is about 2 km.

Bus Fare

  • Adult: ¥620(round trip) ¥310(one way)
  • Child: ¥300(round trip) ¥150(one way)
  • If raining, you can take a bus even if you get to the dam by walking. Pay one way fare.

Hot Spa and Bus (up to Nov, 3 2014)

A discount ticket is available. After visiting Houheikyo Dam, you can go to hot spa in Jozankei. Admission charge is included bus fare and hot spa below.

  • Adult: ¥1,200 — junior high school and over
  • Child: ¥700
Houheikyo Onsen(豊平峡温泉), Jozankei Hotel(定山渓ホテル), Nukumorino-Yado Furukawa(ぬくもりの宿ふる川), Hotel Shikanoyu(ホテル鹿の湯) Jouzankei Daiichi Hotel Suizantei(定山渓第一寶亭留翠山亭), Jozankei Grand Hotel(定山渓グランドホテル瑞苑), Yuno Hana(湯の花), Yumoto Koganeyu(湯元小金湯)


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