Asahiyama Memorial Park: Another Sapporo Night View

Asahiyama Park
This place is written as [旭山記念公園] in Japanese.

Between Mt.Maruyama and Mt.Moiwa, Asahiyama Memorial Park was built as one of the commemorative project events for 100 100th anniversary of Sapporo in 1970. From this site, you can see the city of Sapporo, Ishikari Plain and  the Sea of Japan. Around the main hill,  137.5m hight’s, there are some hiking courses, play equipments for children, a fountain and a rest house. It opens through the year. The music concert, Sapporo Asahiyama music festival, is held in the end of July every year. This is a very popular spot for night-view. No relation to Asahiyama Zoo in Asashikawa. Foreign tourists sometime suppose the famous Asahiyama Zoo is here, but it’s not true. The zoo in Sapporo is Maruyama Zoo. It is at Mt.Maruyama, 10 minutes by car. Asahiyama night-view


  1. Take a Tozai Line to Maruyama park.
  2. Transfer a JR bus, Asahiyama park line(円13, No13) to Asahiyama Koen-mae(旭山公園前), it takes 15 min.
  3. Walk 4 min.

Admission Fee


Parking Open hours

6:00 – 22:00