Wild and Luxury Hot Spa: How to Enjoy Onsen Around Lake Shikotsuko

Lake Shikotsuko
This place is written as [丸駒温泉] in Japanese.

Hiroshi Mizukoshi —Fleemy It takes approximately 1 hour from Sapporo to the Lake Shikotsuko by car. About 40 minutes from Chitose city. You will see the most clear water in the world. The lake is often covered with a mist, which represents the lake Shikotsuko more mystic.

Don’t miss Onsen

It is surrounded by three volcanos and that means this place is a hot spa area. So there are many Onsens around Lake Shikotsuko. The most famous one is Marukoma Onsen which is Japanese style hotel called Ryokan. Marukoma Onsen is the oldest one in the area and has been loved for long time by not only the common people but also the Royal families. There are many outdoor hot springs called ‘Roten-buro'(露天風呂) in Japan. The Roten-buro of Marukoma is outstanding at its view of Lake Shikotsuko. The depth of outdoor bath of spa seems to be changed by the water level of the lake due to the weather condition. It is the reason why the hot spa of Marukoma is wild. In addition, if you can make a reservation and your room is the lakeside,  that will be completely perfect. You will enjoy wild and luxury staying at Marukoma Onsen. Don’t sink into the bottom of the lake if you don’t do that. Other hot spas are waiting for you. Shikotsuko Daiichihoteru Suizantei is one of them and Kyukamura Shikotsuko is reasonable. Many other hot spa are available to see the WEB page of Shikotsuko Ryokan Kumiai.

Wild Camping is another choice

There are two major camp sits, Morappu and Bifue where you have to access by car. Morappu camp site is close to the town so you can access easier if you need something. Bifue camp site is more wild place where you enjoy the whole nature of Shikotsuko, but the site is in the end of road, it takes much time to go to hot spas at the lake-side town. Bifue doesn’t let you down. It’s one of the best camp site in Hokkaido.

Morappu camp site

Bifue camp site