Chitose & Shikotsuko Ice Festival

This place is written as [千歳・支笏湖氷濤まつり] in Japanese.

There are many ice objects, big and huge, which are made with water from Lake Shikotsuko. They are shining with blue in the daytime and lighten up with several colors in the night. You may participate completely in a fantastic world.

This blue is coming from Lake Shiukotsuko’s color called Shikotsuko Blue.

Two ice sliders for kids and other ice buildings and domes. 

Flower gifts will be held in the opening ceremony. More, wedding events, Fireworks and other events are planned. This is the very famous festival in lake Shikotsuko in the coldest term of winter, the end of January to the mid of February.


  • Fireworks from 18:30 on every Saturday and Sunday
  • Ice cut competition 
  • Flower gift for visitors
  • Weddings on Ice 


  • 24 January to 16 February 2020
  • 9:00-22:00
  • light-up: 16:30-22:00


  • 300 yen for each visitor


A heavy traffic jam is expected on Saturday, Sunday and holiday, especially last 3-4 days. It is usually occurred from sunset because people prefer to see night views, so that many rush for the venue around this time. Honestly it is supposed to take 60-90 minutes for parking. There may be no toilet along the driveway, you need to bring some portable toilets which you can get at Montbell shop or other drug stores.

It is good idea to come before sunset and earlier.

By car

  • 40min from Chitose airport (approximately 7,000 yen by taxi)
  • 60min from Sapporo station

By bus

  • 55min from Chitose airport


Temperature is usually -10°C and below. You have to wear on like a ski wear. Of course you need warm globes. If you want to enjoy some attractions like a slider with your children, you should equipped in warm wear and goods.

If you didn’t have on adequate wear and equipments, you would suffer from frostbite on your face or hands. Take attention your clothes.

  • Ski wear
  • Kairo(カイロ), heating pads make you happy.
  • Wool cap or mask
  • keep your camera warm in your pocket or hands

PDF Booklet

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Hyoto JInjya(氷濤神社)
The tallest object, Blue Tower.

Many coins are put on the wall and “Saisenbako” which you donate money as you wish for pray.

Popular attraction, Ice Slider.

Ice link for infants
Ice wall

Steps for observation

Ice dome which is made like a “Koke no Domon(苔の洞門)” which is located just aside of Lake Shikotsuko. It has been closed due to natural disaster.


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Lake Shikotsuko