Unkai terrace in Tomamu Resort

Unkai means a sea of clouds. Tomamu town is famous for its Unkai view. Before 5 o’clock, many people get together at the cablecar station of Alpha Tomamu resort for viewing Unkai.

tomamu-16There are some terraces for viewers called ‘Unkai Terrace’ where you can access easily by cablecar.

The big problem is that you need some luck for viewing Unkai. Because there is less than 49% for occurring Unkai. Also, if a scale of wind is high, cablecar is not operated.

Tomamu resort is located in the south of Minami Furano town. It takes about 2 hours from Sapporo by car with Hokkaido Expressway and 3 hours with No Expressway.

When you visit to Furano for lavender gardens, you might have a plan to visit to Tomamu.


tomamu-432 August is the day for viewing Great Unkai!




tomamu-73You can climb Mt.Tomamu for 30-40 miunutes.


tomamu-131With tables and sofas, you can have some morning tea or cafe.

tomamu-119When you ride a cablecar, you have a post card from a official staff. The post card is available to send everywhere you like. You need no postage stamp.

tomamu-132Here you go.




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