Snow Mobile Land Sapporo

This place is written as [スノーモービルランドサッポロ] in Japanese.

Snow Mobile Land Sapporo presents snow mobile experience in a wild nature. It is located in the south west of Sapporo called Fukui in Nishiku-ward near Banke Ski Area.

This is the biggest snow mobile course in Japan and available only 4 months in winter. There are 5 course presented such as Special course, Dynamic course, Exciting course and Adventure course. Available from 16 years old. All of courses length is about 90 km which is the longest course in Japan.

It is wild forest course and you can see the great view of Sapporo scene from the mountains. There are some view spots where you can take some photos and feel the great nature.


from middle of December to March


  • TEL: 011-661-5355

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Subway and bus

  1. Take the Nanboku line from Sapporo subway station to Odori subway station.
  2. Take the Tozai line from Odori subway station to Kotoni or Hassamu Minami subway station.
  3. Go up to Kotoni or Hassamu Minami bus station.
  4. Take the no.41(Nishino Fukui-line) bus to Fukui Entei Mae (this being the last stop).
  5. Walk up the road about 200 m to Snowmobile Land Sapporo on the right.

Alternative transport is from JR Sapporo Station to JR Kotoni Station and from there follow step 4.and 5.

Pick up Service

  • Reservation Hours between 9am-5pm daily ( reservations made the day before can use the am or pm service )
  • Reservation made on the day can only use ( pm ) service.
  • Morning pick up bus : 9:00-10:00 → After snowmobile tour, Drop off Sapporo city : 13:30-14:30
  • Afternoon pick up bus : 13:30-14:30 → After snowmobile tour, Drop off Sapporo city : 17:30-18:00


  • There will be other people on the bus that might do a longer trip than you.
  • The bus will not leave until they get back .
  • You might have to wait until everyone is on the bus is ready to go.

By Car

  • 20 min from Sapporo central area