Shiretoko Goko Lakes

Shiretoko Goko

Shiretoko Goko Lakes is one of the wildest and untouched lakes in Japan. Goko means five lakes, so Shiretoko Goko Lakes contains five lakes, which is located in Shiretoko National Park, which is designated World Natural heritage in 2005. Shiretoko Goko Lake is the last one of the untouched nature world in Japan. Visitors are restricted to walk around the lakes. Shiretoko Field House is the entrance to the lakes. When you get to the house, you have to have a lecture about Shiretoko included its animals, especially Higuma bear. There is no doubt that people run into Higuma here anytime. You have to prepare for your safe. There are two courses for walking around Shiretoko Goko Lakes. One is the short course of walking on the wooden footpath which is 800 meters long, so that the round trip is 1.6km. You can go only near Lake Ichiko of Shiretoko Goko lakes. Another is the full course, you can look around all the five lakes of Shiretoko Goko Lake. But its course is restricted by the condition of melted snow and Higuma’s activities. Anyway, this is the wildest untouched nature in Hokkaido, which will captivate your heart more than ever before.

Late Spring in Shiretoko

Open period First lecture time Last lecture time Field House Closed
Whole round trip Small round trip
Open – 5/9 7:40 16:30 17:00 18:00
5/10 – 7/31 Guide tour only due to Higuma active period 18:30
8/1 – 8/31 7:40 16:30 17:00 18:00
9/1 – 9/15 7:40 16:00 16:30 17:30
9/16 – 9/30 7:40 15:30 16:00 17:00
10/1 – 10/13 7:40 15:00 15:30 16:30


Getting to the Shiretoko goko lakes from Utoro

  • Approx. 18km from Utoro (about 20 minutes by car)
  • Regularly scheduled buses available (Shari Bus)
  • Season: Late April to late November
  • Open hours: 7:30 – 18:00

Getting to Utoro

  • Approx. 90km from Memanbetsu Airport
  • Buses available during the season (Shari Bus)
  • Approx. 40km from Shiretoko Shari Station on the JR Senmo Line
  • Highway Bus from Sapporo Chuo Bus Terminal (Hokkaido Chuo Bus, reservations required)

Attention! For a driver using a car navigation There might be no indication of Shiretoko Field Center due to the center was built in 2011. So you can try to search the location of the center these 3 way below. 1. Set telephone number, the former Shiretoko Goko rest-house (0152-24-2299) to the destination in your car navigation system. 2. Set a map code 757 730 727 to the destination in your car navigation system. 3. Set mappuru code 100-1324 to the destination in your car navigation system, if your car navigation use mappuru code available.


  • Parking lot closes at 18:30

Parking fee

  • Car ¥410
  • Microbus ¥820
  • Large bus ¥1630
  • Motorcycle ¥100


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