Sapporo Fushimi Inari Jinjya


Sapporo Fushimi Inari Jinjya is located in the west-south of Sapporo called Fushimi near Asahigaoka. It is a branch shrine of Fushimi Inari Taisha in Kyoto. The Fushimi Inari was built at Kotoni village at that time, the Meiji era in 1898. After that, it was moved here in 1907. This area is one of the high-end residential area in Sapporo where is the south hill side place and you can see a very nice view of Sapporo. Asahiyama Park is near form here and Mt.Moiwa Ropeway is very close.


  • Take a JR bus to Keimei bus terminal and 10 min walk
  • Take a streetcar to Nishisen 14 jo and 15 min walk
  • 30 min walk from Maruyama park station

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