Otaru Museum Canal Branch(小樽総合博物館 運河館)

This place is written as [小樽総合博物館 運河館] in Japanese.

Otaru Museum Canal Branch is located near Otaru Canal and next to Otaru Canal Plaza. This is the canal branch of Otaru museum which is located in Temiya, used to be called Otaru Transport Museum(小樽交通記念館). The museum restarted as the role for a museum and a science center for youth in 2007. Canal Branch presents many archives and items of Otaru history and nature. The building is designated as a historical building by Otaru city.

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You can try some winter activity such as pulling sleighs and snow shoveling in the courtyard.


  • 9:30 – 17:00(Otaru museum and canal branch)


  • Tuesday
  • If Tuesday is holiday, the next day is closed.
  • No closed: Canal Branch except new year days(29 Dec – 3 Jan)

Admission fee

  • adult: 400 yen
  • high school/senior: 200 yen
  • under junior high school: free
  • discount ticket for two sites(Otaru museum main branch, canal branch, Nihon Yusen Otaru branch): 500 yen / high school/senior: 250 yen


  • 10 minutes walk from Otaru station.