Otaru Beer Warehouse No.1

This place is written as [小樽倉庫No.1] in Japanese.

Otaru Beer is the only beer which is genuine German one in Japan and managed by Brewery engineer, Johannes Brawn. He is a only Beer Brewery engineer in Japan. Otaru Beer Warehouse No.1 is located at Otaru Canal. This is the best beer brewery in Japan. They have three taste, Pilsner, Weiss and Dunkel. Every taste are so nice and flavor, that you can’t forget their taste. Otaru Beer Warehouse No.1 is also restaurant. You can enjoy to have some meal with beers. This is worth visiting.





  • 11:00 – 23:00 (all the year)
  • TEL:0134-21-2323

Factory Tour

  • Free admission and 20 minutes course


Otaru Canal