Tanaka Sake Brewery Kikkougura in Otaru

This place is written as [田中酒造亀甲蔵] in Japanese.

Tanaka Sake Brewery Kikkougura is a factory of Tanaka Sake Brewery, the most famous local sake brewery in Otaru. It is located at Nobukacho, Otaru city near Minami Otaru station. The building is designated as a historical architecture by Otaru city which was build in 1905, Meiji era. The factory tour is available and tasting 10 brands sake.  

There are some cakes made with sake lees for non-drinkers and children. There is a shop for souvenir. You can buy some special Sake only this factory. Takaragawa(寳川) is the famous original Sake, ‘Takara’ means treasure and ‘Gawa=Kawa’ means river. Tanaka’s Sake is made with 100% Hokkaido rice and grand water under the factory. You can try to taste water in summer in front of the building. New year’s Sake, Hatsuhitsuji(初未) called Daiginjo(大吟醸) is very nice and fruity flavor like a wine. This is one of the best Sake in Japan.

Open Hours

  • Shop: 9:00 – 18:00
  • Factory tour: 9:00 – 17:30, about 30 minutes

Admission fee

  • free


  • 30 cars
  • 5 buses


  • 10minutes walk from Minami Otaru station
  • Take a Sansaku-bus by Chuo bus to Tanakashuzo Kikkougura mae(田中酒造亀甲蔵前)


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