Nibutani Ainu Culture Museum

Nibutani Ainu Culture Museum is one of the most substantial museum for Ainu culture. Nibutani is a sacred place for Ainu and the most famous place for Ainu culture because of its history and place.

You might deeply understand what Ainu culture is.

From Sapporo, it takes 1 hour 50 minutes by car via Hokkaido Expressway and 2 hours 30 minutes via NO expressway. But, you can drive Hidata Expressway that is free, so you drive on the toll road, Hokkaido Expressway from Sapporo to Tomakomai Higashi which is about 1,360 yen or you go Route 36 from Sapporo to Numanohata and free Hidaka Expressway at Numanohata Higashi. As both ways you chose, you have to get out at Hidata Tomikawa. Another 30 minutes to the museum from Hidaka Tomikawa. 

biratori-2The museum’s entrance floor showing Nibutani history along with Japanese and East Asian histories. 

Unfortunately the museum’s explanation is almost in Japanese. Thay have to make some efforts for multi languages.

biratori-3Showing many items such as cloths house wares and so on. These are very interesting.

biratori-4Typical Ainu patterns.

biratori-5Ainu needlework patterns on their cloth. This is completely unique from Japanese culture.

biratori-6Ainu dugout canoe.

biratori-7You can ride on a canoe.

biratori-8There are many crafts and house wares.

biratori-19There are many Chises, typical Ainu house and their unique facilities.

biratori-9There is Nibutani Dam behind the museum. Also the Sarugawa river museum is here. It shows the history of Sarugawa river and Nibutani Dam.


Nibutani Dam.

biratori-11There are many wild bird such as heron and sea eagle.


biratori-15This is a nice and beautiful place to stay. There are some free rental bicycles, so you can go other sight spots.

This is worth visiting in Hokkaido, real Ainu holly place. 











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