Kotoni Jinjya/Shrine(琴似神社)

This place is written as [琴似神社] in Japanese.

Kotoni Jinjya/shrine(琴似神社) is located in Kotoni area, west of Sapporo. The shrine was established by the gift from Watari Date, one of the feudal lord of Sendai-han in 1870. After that, it was named Takehaya Jinjya/shrine in 1875 and renamed Kotoni Jinjya in 1897. The shrine has been familiar for local people more than 140 years. The shrine is not so big, but really nice and beautiful. When you come to Kotoni, you should go there. About 6 – 10 minutes from JR Sapporo station by train and 15 minutes from Odori station by Subway. Kotoni is one of the subcenter of Sapporo. There are many shops, supermarket, Karaoke, Manga shops, 100-yen shops and drugstore such as Tsuruha.

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  • Take a Tozai line to Kotoni and 5 minutes walk.
  • Take a JR train to Kotoni and 15 minutes walk.