Manga, 100yen Shop, Drugstore and SuperMarket in Kotoni

Kotoni Station Area

Kotoni is the oldest town in Sapporo, where Tondenhei/agricultural soldier was settled by Kaitakushi, Colonization Commission of Hokkaido. So this is the big town in Sapporo city. Also Kotoni is very convenient area because it takes just 6 minutes to Sapporo station by JR train and 15 minutes to Odori station by subway.

There are many shops here in Kotoni Area. Supermarket, Drugstore, medical facilities and amusement shops such as Karaoke. All in one including every kinds of store from JR Kotoni station to Subway station of Kotoni. It is very popular and lively. There are many places to go. We can’t write them down all, so we show you the place worth visiting and shopping.

Kotoni Station Area
Kotoni Station Area

Manga and Anime



Tsuruha, Ainz and Tulpe, Sapporo Drugstore

100yen shop


Rental shop

Geo, Tsutaya


Itoyokado, Daiei


  • Take a JR Hakodate line via Otaru/Teine to Kotoni.
  • Take a Tozai line to Kotoni.