How to enjoy Odori Koen Area in Sapporo

White Illumination in Odori Koen Park
This place is written as [大通公園周辺] in Japanese.

We show you how to enjoy ‘Odori Koen Park Area’ whole day long. This is the central area of Sapporo. You will see the Okura Ski Jump Statium far west-ward from Odori Koen Park. There are many shopping spots and sights to visit.

Information Center

Tourism and Culture Information Station

Available Languages: Japanese, English Information on events and theater, art exhibitions and other art related activities, sports and tourism in Sapporo can be accessed through an information booth located in the Odori Station (subway) and the website. At the booth, computers are available where visitors can search events and tourist information. Pamphlets on facilities and events as well as the “Weekly Press” which introduces events on a weekly basis are also available.


Odori Station on the Tozai Line (Subway), Basement Concourse, Next to the Hokkaido Bank (Odori Nishi 4-chome, Chuo-ku, Sapporo-shi)

Business Hours

10:00–20:00 (Sunday & National Holidays: open till 19:00)


December 29–January 1



Mitsukoshi & Marui deal high quality items for every floor. 4Pla has many fashion items for young, especially for mens, ‘109 Mens’, dealing the outlaw fashion, is only here in Sapporo. There are some skull fashion, young-adults fashion. Central Daimaru Fujii deals stationery, school supplies, general goods, art supplies such as oil paints and craft goods. Daimaru is the biggest stationary store in Sapporo. Also, the most famous Ramen shop in Japan, Aji-no-Sanpei is here, 4th floor. If you want to go, see this article ‘Aji-no-Sanpei Who retains Traditional Taste as Sapporo Ramen’. Aji-no-Sanpei is the legend of Sapporo Ramen. Tanuki-koji is the oldest shopping mall in Sapporo. This is the historical place in a sence. Many kinds of items are here, see this article ‘The most oldest shopping mall in Sapporo, Tanukikoji Shopping Arcade(狸小路商店街)’. This is worth visiting and you will find something interesting.

  • Mitsukoshi Sapporo(三越札幌)
  • Marui-Imai(丸井今井)
  • Yoncho-me Plaza/4 Pla(4プラ)
  • Pivot(ピヴォ)
  • Ikeuchi(池内)
  • Apple Store
  • Parco(パルコ)
  • Central Daimaru Fujii(セントラル大丸藤井)
  • Tanuki koji Shopping mall(狸小路)

Cinema & Theatre

Theater Kino is one of the enthusiastic movie theater in Japan. This theater deals movies which are historical interest, social interest and artistic experimental movies in addition to commercial film. This is the theater for devoted movie funs.

  • Dinos cinemas Sapporo Theater(ディノス札幌劇場)
  • Theatre KIno(シアター・キノ) WEB site(Japanese)
  • Shiki Theatre(劇団四季シアター)

Sights and Historical Place

Cafe & Fast Food

  •  Ishiya Cafe Free Wifi available
  • Aurora Town & Pole Town (Underground Street mall)


  • Aurora Town & Pole Town (Underground Street mall)
  • Odori Bisse

Sapporo Citizen Contact Center

Available Languages: Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean This is a call center that can accommodate foreign languages. If you have a problem during your travels, please contact the following. 011-222-4894 Fax: 011-221-4894 ※When sending an inquiry/request by fax, please do not forget to write the sending fax number. E-mail:

Business Hours



Open all year