Aji-no-Sanpei that retains Traditional Taste as Sapporo Ramen

Sapporo Ramen Yokocho
This place is written as [味の三平] in Japanese.

Sapporo Ramen, basically miso-based soup, is famous all over Japan. There are many Ramen noodle restaurants in Sapporo. You don’t know where you should go. Neither do I! It is too many to go! But, I am sure, there is one I can recommend you. It is ‘Aji no Sanpei’. This Ramen noodle restaurant is a legend of Sapporo Ramen. When it comes to Sapporo Ramen, it indicates ‘miso Ramen’ because miso ramen was born in Sapporo and well known nationally. The founder of Aji no Sanpei, Morito Omiya, had originally made miso soup in 1954, then miso ramen had been a major genre of Sapporo ramen. Now, Aji no Sanpei is running at the 4th floor of the building of ‘Daimaru Fujii Central’. Due to only 13 seats, it is always crowded, you could wait for more then 30 minutes around lunch time. If you want to have a seat without waiting, you should go there before 10 minutes of its opening, I mean, 10:45 or 50, or between 16:00 and 18:00 in the evening. These hours are the best to go, usually not so crowded. For 60 years, Aji no Sanpei has been persistently offering a miso ramen that remains the same taste as the founder’s one. This is so amazing that it is not exaggerated to say that they has been maintaining Sapporo Ramen. Other ramen shop, the famous ramen street, Ramen Yoko-cho(ラーメン横丁) in Susukino and Sapporo Ramen Kyowakoku(札幌ラーメン共和国)  is in Esta, near Sapporo Station. Nowadays, poke-based soup is popular instead of miso soup. But Sapporo Ramen is a Miso Ramen. [divider]

Aji no Sanpei(味の三平)

Sapporo Ramen Kyowakoku(札幌ラーメン共和国)


Ramen Yokocho(ラーメン横丁)