How to enjoy Hakodate Park

This place is written as [函館公園] in Japanese.

Hakodate Park is a place where families, from young children to adults, can enjoy themselves. While the park itself has four parking spaces, these are reserved for disabled visitors. However, there is a parking lot just outside the park, which you can use. Please refer to the map below for more details. During busy times, such as cherry blossom viewing or festivals, security personnel will be on hand to guide you, so please follow their directions.

What makes this park interesting is that, despite its small size, it features a compact zoo, an amusement park, and museums all in one place. If you’re on a family trip with children, this is a great spot to take a break.

The rides and playground equipment in the amusement park are old but well-maintained, and it’s clear that they are beloved by the local community. While you won’t find attractions like those at Disneyland, if you want to experience the charm of a nostalgic, old-fashioned amusement park, this is one of the few places left where you can do so.

From the park’s small mountain observatory, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the Hakodate port area. The park is also famous for its cherry blossoms, making it a delightful place to visit in any season.

Have fun!


About Hakodate Park

Hakodate Park is the oldest municipal park in Japan, located at the foot of Mount Hakodate. Richard Eusden, the British Consul of Hakodate during the Meiji era, advocated for the construction of a city park for the local people of Hakodate.

His idea gained widespread support, and many individuals, including government officials, industrialists, and various citizens such as farmers, firefighters, geishas, and even prostitutes, participated in building the park. As a result, this park was created by the collective effort of all Hakodate citizens in 1879.

The park features numerous facilities, including three museums, a library, a small zoo, and an amusement park. It also houses the oldest Ferris wheel in Japan, which is truly wonderful and captivating. Additionally, Hakodate Park is renowned for its cherry blossoms in spring and its autumn foliage in fall. Hakodate Park has been designated as a Registered Monument of Japan.


  • Take a tram to Aoyagi Cho and 3min walk.