When does Snow Fall To Sapporo and Hokkaido?


How can people, living in Hokkaido, know snow coming? It is ‘Yuki-mushi’. When you see a Yuki-mushi, it is said that snow is going to fall within two weeks. Yuki-mushi is a species of aphid whose body is covered with cotton-white down. So, we called this insect Yuki-mushi. Yuki means snow and Mushi means insect. Yuki-mushi is said to herald the coming of snow, that means the winter coming. Now, Yuki-mushis have been actively flying for more than two weeks ago. So to speak, there is no doubt that even if it’s snowing in Sapporo or Hokkaido everywhere. The winter has been almost coming. Autumn has gone by fast. You have to prepare a warm jacket or a down coat when you come to Hokkaido.

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