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One-time ticket

If you transfer to bus or tram(streetcar), you have to buy one for transferable ticket(included transfer fare). Check out your destination for right fare. But you can adjust the fare before getting off a bus or a ticket gate. If you use 3 times a day for subway, buses or tram(streetcar), you should use IC card below or One Day Ticket which is discount ticket available all day long.

Available IC Card for Sapporo Transport

Kitaca, Suica, PASMO, manaca, TOICA, ICOCA, PiTAPA, nimoca, SUGOCA, はやかけん(pronounced “Hayakaken”) These IC cards are available for transportations in Sapporo. Using IC card is very useful for transfer. You don’t need to buy tickets every time you ride. Usable area

  • All subway line in Sapporo
  • JR Hokkaido Bus
  • Jotetsu Bus
  • Hokkaido Chuo Bus
  • Tram(street car)

If you already have one, you DON’T NEED to buy SAPICA IC card. More information about other IC card. You’ll find how to get and use IC card in detail.

Think it over If you stay in Sapporo for long time or you are a resident, it may be a good choice to have SAPICA because of getting additional point. But if you are just tourist staying a few weeks at most, you’ll be happy to have Kitaca, Suica or other IC card available in other area.


SAPICA (サピカ pronounced ‘Sapika’) is a rechargeable contactless smart card ticketing system for Sapporo Subway, buses and trams. SAPICA is an isolated IC card because of its usable area. It wouldn’t be a good choice for foreign travelers.  Important! You CANNOT USE SAPICA for JR(except JR Hokkaido bus) or other transport(JR Tokai, other JR family etc…). It is only use for Sapporo area transport(not included JR Hokkaido train). However, if you have KITACA(JR Hokkaido IC card), SUICA, the same other IC cards as JR family or PASMO, they are also available for Sapporo Subway ,buses and trams.

There is an special advantage for SAPICA to gain 10% points of using for fare or 5% points of shopping at SEICOMART(convenience store) in Sapporo which you can use 1 point as ¥1 yen for using to adjust fare or shopping at SEICOMART.

Usable area

  • All subway line in Sapporo
  • JR Hokkaido Bus
  • Jotetsu Bus
  • Hokkaido Chuo Bus
  • Tram(street car)


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2 thoughts on “Sapporo City Subway”

  1. Me and two of my friend is going to Hokkaido from 15 -22 July
    We plan to buy Hokkaido X intercity bus pass 3 & 5 day pass
    Our plan is as follows
    Day 15 ) Shin Chitose airport to Asahikawa (Visit Ashikawa town area)
    Day 16) Visit Tomita Farom & Biei
    Day 17) Visit Blue Pond
    Day 18) Sapporo – Downtown
    Day 19) Visit Noboribetsu
    Day 20) Visit Otaru
    Day 21) Visit Jozankei
    Do you think this is doable and also worth buying the bus pass?
    Please comment and advise

    1. Hi,ENG NGAN FONG.

      Sorry for a turtle action.
      It seems your plan so tight to visit.

      Chitose to Asahikawa — OK
      Asahikawa to Furano and Biei — OK
      But check your location on Googlemaps.
      Go in order of Asahikawa, Biei(Blue pond is in Biei) and Tomita Farm which is located Naka-Furano.

      Sapporo, Otaru and Jozankei are very close to visit. Why don’t you visit these three cities in order.
      If I were you, I would visit to Sapporo, Jozankei and Otaru OR Sapporo, Otaru and Jozankei is also fine.
      Finally I would visit to Noboribetsu because Noboribetsu is close to Chitose if you return day 22.

      Anyway, I do not consider the route and time schedule of buses you take.
      I can hardly say with any finality that your plan is no good.

      Good Luck!

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