Sapporo Gokoku Jinjya(札幌護国神社)

This place is written as [札幌護国神社] in Japanese.

Sapporo Gokoku Jinjya is located in the south of Sapporo Central Area, near Nakajima Park, just south-ward.

The shrine is a place in which to worship Tondenhei soldiers living in Sapporo at the Meiji era who died in Seinan domestic war in 1877. After that, worship other soldiers died in wars and police officer and fireman who died on duty.

This is familiar for locals and a nice place for walking along with Nakajima Park near here. The Kamokamo river is flowing just in front of the shrine which is beautiful and the oldest one through the central city area.

In the center of Sapporo city, it is so nice and quiet. Fresh air makes you feel better when you get tired from walking so much.


  • Take a Nanboku line to Horohirabashi(幌平橋) and 3 min walk.
  • Take a streetcar to Gyokei dori dentei(行啓通電停) and 3 min walk.