Otaru Beer Brewery Tour

Otaru Beer has two breweries in Otaru city. One is in Otaru canal, another is in Zenibako. You need to make a reservation for tour of Zenibako Brewery in advance, but no reservation for Otaru Brewery. The photographs are Zenibako Brewery’s but we recommend Otaru brewery for foreign tourists because it is located in Otaru canal so that you can access easier and to see other sight spots. And they have an english tour. Free tour admission. Otaru Beer is completely German beer by Brewery master, Johannes Braun in Japan. There is no other beer like this in Japan. So the Brewery presents their products with confidence. They have three types of beer such as Weiss, Pilsner and Bunkel. There is Otaru Beer Cuisine, too. You can have a lunch and a dinner with Otaru Beer. This is worth visiting and enjoy!


  • Minato-machi 5-4, Otaru city
  • 10 min walk from Otaru station.


  • 11:00 – 23:00
  • TEL: 0134-21-2323

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