Ohnuma Hakodate Snow & Ice Festival 2015

This is the big festival in the great hakodate in the winter. The festival is held in Ohnuma park and Nagareyama Onsen. Many visitors come to the festival every year from 1965. A big slider for kids, Snow statues, Ice sculptures and many hot drink bars are available.


  • 7 – 8 February 2015
  • 9:00 –


  • Ohnuma park
  • Nagareyama Onsen


  •  free


Ohnuma park

Nagareyama Onsen


  • Ice curving competition
  • Snow statues by local junior high school students
  • Jumbo Slider
  • Snow rafting
  • snow sledge
  • horse riding
  • Snowmobile on ice
  • Snow hiking
  • Ice cafe bar & activity
  • Candle night
  • live concert


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