Noboribetsu Kalulusu Onsen

This place is written as [登別カルルス温泉] in Japanese.

Noboribetsu Karurusu Onsen is designated as Best 100 Hot Spa of Japan and the National hot spring health place.

You can access by a Donan bus or car that takes 15 minutes. This is very nice and healing hot spa like Karlovy Vary in Czech Republic, so it is called ‘Karurusu(カルルス)’ that derives from Karlovy.

Karurusu Onsen is one of the mystic place, so that you can feel full of relaxation. There are a couple of Onsen Ryokan and hotels.


  • Take a Donan bus at Noboribetsu Onsen terminal to Karurusu Onsen that takes 15 minutes.

The river is completely clear.


Hotel Iwai is the third hotel in karurusu.

The bus terminal to Noboribetsu Onsen.