Lake Mashu-ko(摩周湖)

This place is written as [摩周湖] in Japanese.

photo by User:Miya.m

Lake Mashu-ko is located in Akan National Park, the east of Hokkaido, called ‘Doto’. This is the 2nd ranked clearest lake next to Lake Baikal in the world.

The lake is designated as Hokkaido heritage in 2001. The color of Lake Mashu is named Mashu blue on a fine day.

Lake Mashu is a caldera like Lake Shikotsu-ko or Lake Toyako in the east-central Hokkaido. Lake Mashu is named ‘Kintan Kamui Toh’ in Ainu, which means the lake of mountain’s God. There is Mt.Kamuinupuri in the south-east of Lake Mashu. No car, no hourse and no boat is permitted in the lake and its around.

Lake Mashu has no river from and out but have a small island in the center of the lake called ‘Kamuishu island(カムイシュ島 or 中島)’. Kamui means God and Shu means old woman in Ainu.

Lake Mashu often have deep mist, so that it is difficult to see Lake Mashu fine every time. That’s why Lake Mashu is called mystic lake, too.

You can see lake Mashu in the No.1 observation hill(第一展望台) and No.3 observationhill(第三展望台). No.2 observation hill is closed.

There is a shop in the no.1 observation hill and you can have some souvenirs and snack.

This is very worth visiting.