Lake Kussharo-ko(屈斜路湖)

This place is written as [屈斜路湖] in Japanese.

Lake Kussharo-ko is the biggest caldera lake in Japan and located in Akan National Park, the east Hokkaido, Doto. The lake is settled in west-north area of Lake Mashuko. It is very close from Lake Mashuko to Lake Kussharo-ko and takes 40 minutes via Bihoro Pass from Lake Mashu-ko No.1 observation hill by car.

From Bihoro Pass, you can see mountain range of Mashudake and Sharidake not only Lake Kussharo-ko. This is a very beautiful sight in this area.

There are many hot spas around Lake Kussharo-ko which is not frozen in the winter so that many swans get together.


 photo by Soica2001

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