Enjoying the gardens at Ueno Farm in Asahikawa

Ueno Farm is an English garden-style garden run by a farming family in Nagayama, on the outskirts of Asahikawa. This garden is centered around Mt.Shatekiyama and is filled with seasonal plants that can grow in this region. The garden’s scale is surprisingly large for a single family farm, divided into ten themed sections, each meticulously maintained.

While there is an entrance fee, the garden is truly magnificent, and I highly recommend visiting if you’re in the area. It’s about a 10-minute drive from Asahiyama Zoo, so if you have an hour to spare, it’s well worth a visit.

At Ueno Farm, they ask visitors to adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Pets are not allowed on the premises (except for guide dogs and service dogs).
  • Please smoke only in designated areas.
  • Do not pick or collect any plants within Ueno Farm.
  • You are free to take photographs within Ueno Farm. However, since the garden is a designed work of art, selling photos that are clearly identifiable as taken at Ueno Farm on photo-selling websites or for personal commercial purposes is strictly prohibited.
  • Drone photography is not permitted within the garden.
  • For photoshoots in wedding attire, we charge a location fee even for private individuals. Please consult with us in advance regarding the date and other details. For more information, please refer to “Photo Weddings.”

How to Walk Through the Garden

When you first enter the garden, you’ll find a café on your right. Feel free to take a break here. To your left and further back is the entrance to the garden itself. You can explore the garden in any direction you prefer, but if you want to climb Shatekiyama, it’s best to head left. For those who prefer not to climb the hill (it’s a very gentle slope), continue walking towards the back on the right.

The garden has benches and seating areas for rest, so on hot summer days, you can take a break here with a bottle of water in hand. If you continue to the left, you’ll encounter a gentle slope. Looking up the hill, you’ll likely see several people enjoying themselves at the top. That’s the summit of Shatekiyama. It looks quite easy to climb, doesn’t it?

At the top, there are chairs arranged in rainbow colors, offering a panoramic view of the outskirts of Asahikawa. Sitting here with family or friends and taking photos is one of the highlights. This spot is already famous on social media platforms like Instagram! Additionally, there is a swing on the left side. Swing as if you’re diving into the expansive view in front of you. Remember to take turns and enjoy the swing responsibly.

If you descend the hill on the right side, you’ll head back towards the entrance, but the garden adventure is far from over. In fact, this is just the beginning. The garden is divided into ten themed sections, each showcasing seasonal flowers and plants. Continuing further, you’ll come across a large pond, reminiscent of Monet’s water lilies. There are plenty of photo opportunities here. On sunny days, take advantage of the shade to stay cool.

Purchasing Plants from the Garden

After exiting the garden, you’ll find a shop selling seedlings and other plants you’ve just seen. While you might not be able to take these out of the country, it’s still fun to browse and see what’s available. The shop also offers gardening goods, stylish accessories for gardeners, and various home decor items.

Nearby Attractions

Asahiyama Zoo in Asahikawa

About Mt.Shatekiyama

In Ainu, it is called “Kipir nupri,” meaning a cliff mountain standing by the water’s edge. The name was given because it appears to rise abruptly from the water’s edge of the nearby Kamisuigawa River, known in Ainu as “nup pokoma nay.”

Since 1894 (Meiji 24), it has been used as a shooting training ground for the Nagayama Tondenhei, hence the name “Shatekiyama.” Artifacts from the late Stone Age have also been excavated from this mountain. The landscape that Stone Age people once saw is the same one we see today.