Asahiyama Zoo in Asahikawa

Asahiyama Zoo is the most famous Zoo not only in Hokkaido, but also Japan. This is the most north Zoo in Japan. It takes 30 minutes from JR Asahikawa station by car and 40 minutes by bus.


If you get a rental car, you may park your car free. But weekend or holiday, Zoo will be very crowded and you could not park in free area soon. There are some pay parkings around the Zoo. It costs 500 yen a day.


Entering the front gate, you will see the bird area at the right side.


Asahiyama Zoo is located on the small mountain and takes advantage of its geographical feature.


Because of many slopes in the Zoo, there are some shuttle cars available for senior and handicapped persons.


The Zoo is equipped with many facilities such as a toilet and rest area.




The Zoo’s staffs contrive a new kind of exhibition for animals. You can look their activities from various angles.

asahiyamazoo-tenagazaru1 asahiyamazoo-tenagazaru2 asahiyamazoo-oowashi1 asahiyamazoo-ookami1

A characteristic of Asahiyama Zoo is to show animals’ character itself.


You can look a polar bear from the small clear dome. This is very exciting and popular.



He is the curator of Asahiyama Zoo, Gen Bando. He is one of the most principal member for re-making the Zoo. No sooner he entered the side stage, a seal came and they were looked talking each other.

asahiyamazoo-azarashi2 asahiyamazoo-azarashi3

You can look seals and penguins from various angles, too.


This is a flying penguin, isn’t it?

asahiyamazoo-penguin3 asahiyamazoo-penguin4

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